Infective Wild Slots

Halloween only comes once a year for some people, but for others, it is more of a feeling than a season. The latter will surely love this Halloween-inspired game you can play all year. The theme is an essential part of any slot game, but not the only thing. We’ll delve into what makes this game tick and why it should be at the top of your list to check out.

Terrific Theme

If you are really against a Halloween theme, this game isn’t for you, but if you have even a small interest in such a theme, you will love this game. Just the background has so many details that you will love, from the pumpkin king to the flickering lights in the jack-o-lantern and house. The whole thing adds a fun element that keeps you engaged while you spin.

There is no shortage of excellent graphics in this game. It has your standard playing card symbols in a spooky font, but it also comes packed with Halloween and spooky-related symbols like a black cat, a raven, a hat, a caldron, a gravestone, and a potion. All of these symbols have values assigned to them, but there are a few more that are the most important. The scatter symbol is a gold coin with a skull and crossbones, and the wild symbol is a jack-o-lantern. These are both vital symbols that will be explained later.

Sound is another essential part of most slot games, and it can make or break a game, especially if you plan on playing it for a while. Infective Wild seems to have struck a balance between finding music that matches the theme without making it too irritating. The music can still become repetitive but could be much worse, and the crunching sound you get with eat spin combined with the sinister laughter you hear when you hit a win helps break up the music a bit.

Scary Good Gameplay

How a game looks is an essential part of slots, but the gameplay is the most crucial part, and Infective Wild delivers. The part of this game that really jumps out to slot players is that you can buy free spins instead of earning them at random. This guarantees free spins but is also a gamble, and your free spins may not earn back what you paid for them. Another amazing feature is the turbo spin function, which moves all the reels at the same time.

The game isn’t without more standard features either like the wild feature where the game gets its name from. When you hit a wild, if it is touching the cat or raven symbol, it will also “infect” them, making them wild symbols. If those symbols touch other cat and raven symbols, it will also transform them until there is nothing else to transform.

The Total Package

The only thing this game has going against it is the theme is not for everyone. If people can look past the darker elements of this game, they will find a fun game with some inventive gameplay you don’t see every day. Whether it is spooky season or not, Infective Wild will quickly win you over as one of your favorite online slot games.