Reel Crime: Coffin Up Cash Slots

It can get creepy outside anytime of the year, but you will be in good company when you play this 5 reels, 3 rows and 1024 paylines video slots game from the Rival Powered gaming company. This graveyard-themed video slots game will make your feel like it’s Halloween and you can enjoy all the tricks and treats this game has to offer. The infamous characters you will want to look out for are Remy and Raoul as they will show you where all the money is hidden in the graveyard. You can see them sneaking around the graveyard with ghosts following them around everywhere. But they aren’t scared, and neither should you, as this game has lots to give to everyone who plays it. Did you know that there are famous graveyards all around the world? Yes, and some have been made famous by movies they have been used in for their haunting locations and settings. One famous cemetery is called Lafayette and is the oldest one in New Orleans. It has been in such movies as Double Jeopardy and Dracula 2000. Or another one is called Highgate Cemetery, which is in London, England. Another is Bonaventure Cemetery which is famous because it is nearly 160 acres in size. This video slots game is loaded with lots of animations and features, so all levels of slots players will enjoy it. Now, let’s look at Reel Crime: Coffin up cash slots and see if it’s right for you.

What to expect when you see Reel Crime Coffin Up Cash Slots

As with lots of Rival Gaming video slots this game has lots going on so you will be entertained for hours as you go for the winning combinations. The game setting takes place in a haunted graveyard with owls, black cats, bats, and pumpkins everywhere. On the reels you will see caricature illustrations that are designed in 3D and really pop off the screen. When you hit the speed button, you will see how fast the reels will spin and the animations are fun to watch. For the symbols you will see a hand with blood, a ghost, a mummy, grim reaper, Dracula, skeletons, pumpkins, tombstones, zombies and the typical game cards like the J, Q, K, and the Ace. The tombstone is the scatter symbol and the hand with blood on it is the wild symbol. This game can be played on any browser like Chrome or Firefox, or if you are on the go, you can play it on any mobile device that has iOS or Android software.

How to play Reel Crime Coffin Up Cash slots

This game is straightforward to play, and anyone can catch on quickly. The controls and the window are all located at the base of the game. On the left you will see the menu button which will display the game information and symbols. To the right is the player balance amount and next to that is the win amount window. Then there is the bet amount window and the lock and load feature. The spin button and the auto play button are located on the far right on the side which is a little different than typical slot machines. The bonus buy button is on the far right.