Cleocatra Slots

Be one of the first gamers out there to play using Pragmatic Play’s new slot game, the Cleocatra Slots. This slot game has literally just been released to the public, so if you’re looking for fresh features and graphics beyond compare, then this is the one for you. Keep reading if you’re interested in learning about the slot, as we are going to cover some key points in here. We’re going to speak about what it has to offer us in terms of features, but we’re also going to put a special emphasis on the look of the game, because after all, this is what draws us in from the get go.

The look of the Cleocatra Slots

So, let’s talk about the aesthetic of the game before we jump into anything else. For starters, we have to say it - it’s a beautiful slot. It doesn’t surprise us much considering it has been created by Pragmatic Play, who are big time competitors in the industry. Their team works increasingly harder to bring us the very best of the best, so consider them now and see what you can get from them.

The reels contain a 5x4 grid, which is a nice amount to have, straight from the beginning. The slot boasts an Egyptian theme, so if you like the feeling of warmth and wealth, then this could be a good option for you. The reels are enclosed in a golden frame, with the title of the game located at the top. It has been designed so nice, it has to be admitted. In the background, there are the tall pyramids, along with a clear blue sky. The sound designs and slight animations really bring the slot to life, so well done to the team at Pragmatic Play for this piece of excellence.

Features and symbols worth trying in the Cleocatra Slots

The Cleocatra Slots also offer many features and symbols. Some of the main ones include the high RTP rates of 96.20%, as well as the high volatility rates too. For the additional features, try out the multipliers, sticky wilds, bonus rounds and more. It has got so many that you don’t even know which ones to pick at the beginning. Try it now!

Results on the Cleocatra Slots

The Cleocatra Slots is fun and truly one of a kind. It’s also nice the way it has just been brought out, so grab it while it’s still hot and start spinning those gorgeous reels.